Our Work

"The Galloway Media Group has helped spread the TED story through countless media outlets from 2004 onward. They were there for the release of the first TED talks online, the TED Prize, the fellows program, the launch of TEDx - and more. Laura Galloway has been a tireless, diligent and insightful advocate and adviser."

Chris Anderson

Curator, TED

"Laura Galloway is an exceptional professional–she's got the smarts to do more than promote an idea, she helps to create and shape it; she's got the experience to know what works and how to make the biggest difference for a client, and she's got the network to build relationships that pay off for everyone. What she does and how she works is unique, personal, and very very valuable."

Alan M. Webber

Founding Editor, Fast Company Magazine

"It's rare to find a communications partner with equal parts media relations know-how, roll-up-the-sleeves work ethic, and a tirelessly positive attitude. Galloway Media Group is all of those things, in addition to being one of the most well-connected, influential, and whip-smart communications teams I have ever had the pleasure and luxury of partnering with."

Elisa Schreiber

Former client and current Head of Communications for Hulu

"Galloway Media Group provides an outstanding service. For radical and controversial causes such as my work (the defeat of aging), PR needs to be done with particular skill and professionalism, and GMG have given me exactly that."

Aubrey De Grey

Sens Foundation

"We have worked with Galloway Media for several years, and are impressed by their ability to focus our message and to reach audiences we would otherwise not reach."

Joshua Prince-Ramus

Principal, Rex Architecture & Design

"Galloway Media Group has been an invaluable partner in helping us to get our message out to the world. They're the kind of specialist firm that's particularly adept at influencing the public discourse. If you're looking for random placements in inconsequential places, I suggest you go elsewhere. If you're trying to shape an idea, you need a partner like GMG."

Dev Patnaik

CEO/Managing Associate, Jump Associates

"Galloway Media Group brings together two hard to come by assets: thoughtful strategy and generosity of spirit. The combination makes for powerful communications."

Architecture for Humanity

"Galloway Media Group combines enthusiasm, smarts and contacts such that their PR execution is at the top of the industry. I can't say enough about what they were able to do for me."

Chip Conley

CEO, JDV Hospitality Group

"I recognize the importance of public relations to growing a business and have worked with several firms. What distinguished Laura Galloway and her team was their ability to focus not only on the quality of media coverage but also the results. Galloway Media Group acted like a partner in promoting our business and the success they were able to achieve reflected that approach."

Heidi Messner

Chariman,Collective (i)

"It's hard to explain exactly what Laura Galloway does – it's not PR, at least not in conventional sense. She has amazing relationships, understands 'story', and is able to fit stories with reporters and outlets in a way that makes it all seem natural. it's magical to watch her work."

Steve Rosenbaum

CEO, Magnify